My bandings are far superior to most commercial bandings you will find on the market. Most of the commercial bandings are constructed from veneer. These bandings may have some veneer, primarily used for the outer stripes; although, the center components are constructed from solid, genuine hardwoods. The hardwoods are all hand-selected, choice pieces, and will be at least as good as the photographs. Solid wood allows for a better finish and superior appearance as the natural wood grain will be apparent. You will not see this grain with bandings constructed from veneer. The woods used are all select heartwood with no voids or flaws . The lengths and widths are listed next to the photo of the bandings for sale. The widths are as exact as possible - a micrometer used as a measurement tool for close tolerances. Thicknesses vary from about 1/32" to 1/16" depending on the lot and size of the banding. If you need more information on the dimensions of a particular banding, note the banding number and phone me or send an eMail.

I do custom work!
I also do custom inlay bandings and antique inlay reproductions. If you are restoring an antique and are in need of a replacement, you came to the right place! I always keep a wide variety of imported and domestic choice hardwoods, and will probably have most any woods on hand to construct custom bandings with a short turn-around time. Just Send me an email or phone and we can discuss your requirements.

Inlay Bandings for sale

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