Inlay materials needed for the Line and Berry Chest of Drawers, as seen on the cover of Popular Woodworking, Dec 2010 (Issue 187).

This photo courtesy Popular Woodworking magazine -
You can see more about this chest at: The popular Woodworking Editor's Blog.

This special offer has the inlay materials (a sampling is pictured below) you will need to make the Line and Berry inlay for the chest.
60 feet of 1/16" clear creamy-white holly stringing. This stringing is exactly 1/16" wide and fits snugly into a 1/16" routed channel.
Creamy-white and clear holly inlay material for berries, exactly 1/8" (.125) thick. About 36 square inches of 1/8" thick, clear holly (length and width may vary).
Eastern red cedar inlay material for berries, exactly 1/8" (.125) thick. About 72 square inches of 1/8" thick, clear cedar (length and width may vary).
One 1/16" solid carbide router bit (1/8" shank).
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I also have additional solid carbide 1/16" router bits available for $6.85 each - these are the exact size for the 1/16" stringing.

1/16" Solid Carbide Router Bit $6.85

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